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Yueh (Music): Healing Harmonies, Frequencies, Rhythm & Tonation

Introduction to the Six Taoist Arts of the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC)

The Six Taoist Arts symbolize Yin & Yang at the 3 dimensions of Human existence, Jing, Qi & Shen. Hidden within each of the Arts is not only the secret of a healthy long life but also the transcending of consciousness from one dimension to the next. At each level both the Yin & Yang polarities must be mastered and balanced. Mastery of one level both initiates transformation to the next and completes the transformation of the last dimension. The process of transcendence occurs as Jing transforms to Qi, Qi to Shen & Shen to the Great Purity. This is the ancient’s path to immortality.

Introduction to Shen, Yueh & Li

Shen consciousness is the harmony of paradox. It is consciousness undifferentiated from the Tao yet it remains individual through self-determination and self-sustenance; unification is had by the willful embodiment of the Tao. With Shen consciousness achieved it must then be mastered to transcend to the Great Purity. This is achieved through Music and Ritual. Yueh or Music is Yin and symbolizes transformation through inner work, and Li is Ritual and symbolizes transformation through outer work.

Yueh – Music
Yueh is the Spring Birth emerging from the Bright Purity within the Great Mystery. It is within the Great Mystery that Clarity is discovered, and from that life is born. Life is born as the Five Pure Lights are harmoniously expressed with the birth of each moment. This is true at all levels of our being. It is within the gross body that the light of the spirit is found. Similarly, the Divine Light can only be found when consciousness surrenders into the eternal void awakening to the Light within. Then Divine consciousness is born.

Yueh is the method by which the Tao expresses life’s manifestations. Life itself is the song of the Tao and we are all a vibrational component. Being part of Life’s Song and having a song of our own we are at risk of creating disharmony. Our inner vibration/music should resonate beautifully with the Great Tao. If we do not observe Li and practice Yueh our song will distinguish itself outside of the whole. In this world we find this to be a supported social norm. Unfortunately, it is this separation from the rhythm and flow of the Tao that vibrations become deficient or excess.

Where waves of inner & outer music once intertwined harmoniously there is now conflict or a lack of support. Without the music of Life flowing freely through the inner universe toxicity accumulates. To be healthy and live long we must attune ourselves with the vibration and song of the Tao.

Mastery of Yueh allows us to do this. By surrendering to the Great Mystery we awaken to the light. This is the hidden spirit emerging in the moment. From this all action is non-action and when nothing is done nothing is left undone. All life is an offering and plays out like a beautiful song; there is harmony between Heaven and Earth. At this point one has transcended and may aid others in resonating harmonious music in their lives.

Yueh is made of three key parts: Great Mystery, Bright Purity & Spring Birth

Spring BirthGreat Mystery - Musical Instrument of Endless Creation
This character means, musical instrument of endless creation. The original character and the modern cursive character convey its relationship with the gourd. The gourd is a powerful fengshui symbol that brings good fortune both as a musical instrument and a container of the "Great Darkness or the Mysterious Void". Having this character on both sides of a second character shows the second character to be central to a mystery within a mystery, the mystery of oneself within the mystery of life.

Bright ClarityBright Clarity
This is the Great Illuminating Purity. Central to the surrounding darkness or mystery, it shows that only through the darkness can we find the light. Within this body is the the spirit, and refinement of the gross to the purified state of spirit is the purpose of Yueh. In death consciousness returns to the light before again reemerging into the darkness of material life. Through study and practice one can return to the Light before going through the recycling process of death. This requires crystallization of the spirit and leads to transcendent immortality. Along with the corresponding ritual, one can study and practice the chant, "Kong Kong Kong" (chant at the bottom of this page).


Spring BirthSpring Birth
This is the Spring Birth in the Forest of Life. From Darkness within Darkness there is a Great Purity and from this all life is born. The illumination of Yang is the seed within the dark fertile soil of the Great Yin. When fertilized with consciousness the crystallized spirit body is born.


Da Fa - Kong Kong Kong The peach that blossoms in spiritual garden of the queen of the west. A method of enlightenment.

Kong Kong Kong
Empty Empty Empty, Pure Pure Pure, Clear Clear Clear
Kong Kong Kong Li Hou Chen Gong
In the Deepness of the 3 Kong, finding satisfaction, success, fruit of life
Pang Tao San Chen Yien
3,000 years for the peach to become ripe
Bu Pa Wu Gen Feng
Enlightenment liberates us from sickness (there is no pathogenic factor that can affect you)

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