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Yu (Charioteering): The Royal Court

Introduction to the Six Taoist Arts of the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC)

The Six Taoist Arts symbolize Yin & Yang at the 3 dimensions of Human existence, Jing, Qi & Shen. Hidden within each of the Arts is not only the secret of a healthy long life but also the transcending of consciousness from one dimension to the next. At each level both the Yin & Yang polarities must be mastered and balanced. Mastery of one level both initiates transformation to the next and completes the transformation of the last dimension. The process of transcendence occurs as Jing transforms to Qi, Qi to Shen & Shen to the Great Purity. This is the ancient’s path to immortality.

Introduction to Qi Level, Yu & She
Qi is the actualization of all that is possible. It fills the space between Heaven and Earth. It is the state of change, the evolving interplay of Yin and Yang. Where Jing is the materialization of Heaven’s Will as it returns to the Tao through the contracting polarity of Yin, Qi is the ever-changing landscape of life as Polarity is torn asunder when Tao emerges in Time-Space. It is not the root nor is it the head, it is the relationship between the two, it is the Heart. It is both the origin and child of the 10,000 things. It is the substance of this moment as directed by the Yang expansion, and the substance of Yin contraction. Since Yin contraction is the source nourishment of Yang expansion, those conscious in the Qi dimension are able to direct the flow of their lives. Though, still mortal and suffering from entropy due to the consumption of Qi from the external world, the unfolding of body and fate are now self determined. To transcend entropy and be self-sustaining one must cultivate power and master its expression.


Yu – Charioteering
Yu or Charactering symbolizes the Royal Court within. This is a rolling container composed of a natural substance that is sealed tight. It is filled and guarded with one ear listening in and one ear listening out. This means that half of consciousness is aware of the external world and half focused inward to collect, seal and protect against loss. The degree of accumulated Qi in the container determines the inner connection to the Tao and the power one has to cause an effect on the external world of manifestation, from their body to the bodies of all the 10,000 things.

The nourishment and guarding of the Royal Court sustains our life and fuels our progress. While the Mastery of Archery enables successful self direction through life. Mastery of the Royal Court fills it with Yin and Yang and as it takes two to roll, it now begins to roll. This rolling within a sealed natural container becomes a self contained generator providing all the nourishment necessary without dependence on external things. Together self-empowerment and refined clarity culminated in the union of Yi (intention) and the Zhi (Will) of the individual and the Tao, crystallizing the body and transcending consciousness to Shen.

Three primary meanings of Yu: Rolling, natural container & Half ear listening

Special Roundness & Rolling from the union of two
This character is made of two people facing different direction. They represent two people of opposing polarities, masculine & feminine or Yang & Yin. This results in a special roundness and rolling from interacting polarities. This is the roundness & rolling of the Tan Tien when Yin and Yang blend.


Natural, Sealed Container
This is a container built of natural materials that is sealed tight. It preserves ones harvest for as long as is needed. To build & seal this container requires sincere and consistent effort. To aid the building and sealing of the Tan Tien container use the The Supernatural Power of the Tao God of Virtue mudra with related chants and ritual or in meditation.

Inner & Outer Awareness This is listening with one ear. One ear listens outward & one inward. It refers to more than simple senses. It is ones awareness as a whole. There should always be half of conscious awareness turned inward and fixed to the center. Rooting the half turned toward outward perceptions to the Center.


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