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Shù (Mathematics): Calculations to Influence, Interpret & Predict




Introduction to the Six Taoist Arts of the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC)

The Six Taoist Arts symbolize Yin & Yang at the 3 dimensions of Human existence, Jing, Qi & Shen. Hidden within each of the Arts is not only the secret of a healthy long life but also the transcending of consciousness from one dimension to the next. At each level both the Yin & Yang polarities must be mastered and balanced. Mastery of one level both initiates transformation to the next and completes the transformation of the last dimension. The process of transcendence occurs as Jing transforms to Qi, Qi to Shen & Shen to the Great Purity. This is the ancient’s path to immortality.

When one lives a healthy life and is observant to divine law consciousness no longer struggles with worldly things. Life then ceases to be static and instead becomes a network of interconnected relationships. Things are no longer things and neither is the individual simply an object in space and time. As such, the principles governing the life of the 10,000 things lose their sway. One no longer exists as a bio-bag of parts moving through life like a train on its track.

Introduction to Jing dimension, Shù & Shu
Jing is the blueprint of material unfolding. Within Jing there is Yin and Yang. The Yang is symbolized by Calligraphy and the Yin Mathematics. Calligraphy symbolizes the Lovely Law of the Divine which governs the flow of nature in every moment of every day. It teaches us to achieve an extraordinarily beautiful life by moving our body in harmony with that flow and if necessary petitioning the divine for good fortune. Mathematics symbolizes the ancient sage (originally female) divining the patterns of the universe through the reading of rice. It teaches how to have insight into this divine order so that we can direct our lives according to the unfolding patterns. Both the Yin & Yang aspects of Jing govern the lives of humanity. If life is lived with respectful conformity to our physical reality (Jing level), unnecessary dis-eases, obstacles and confusions will be avoided and the best of what is possible will be had of material existence.

Shù – Mathematics
To surpass ones fate as determined by Jing there must be masterful understanding of the art of Mathematics. Mathematics teaches the observation & Interpretation of patterns in Heaven and on Earth which reveal Divine Law. With such insight we can model our actions and planning and move through life without unnecessary obstacles or confusions. Respect for divine order is needed to transcend the limits of Jing. To live a normal life is to suffer entropy and eventual exhaustion resulting in disease and death. The consumption of Jing is lessened when activities are planned at auspicious times.

Life is optimal when the numerological relationship between oneself and Heaven is understood and respected. By correctly assessing the unfolding patterns of Heaven, the patterns of Earth and Human life are revealed; “Man follows Earth, Earth follows Heaven”. Heaven and Earth last, and to last between Heaven & Earth divine Law must be respected in activity and planning.

Meanings of Shù: Nutrition, feminine mother principle &writing wisdom

Rice Female Law
Tool of Divination
Transcription of Divine Law


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