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She (Archery): Focus energy by storing & releasing


Introduction to the Six Taoist Arts of the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC)

The Six Taoist Arts symbolize Yin & Yang at the 3 dimensions of Human existence, Jing, Qi & Shen. Hidden within each of the Arts is not only the secret of a healthy long life but also the transcending of consciousness from one dimension to the next. At each level both the Yin & Yang polarities must be mastered and balanced. Mastery of one level both initiates transformation to the next and completes the transformation of the last dimension. The process of transcendence occurs as Jing transforms to Qi, Qi to Shen & Shen to the Great Purity. This is the ancient’s path to immortality.

Introduction to Qi Level, Yu & She

Qi is the actualization of all that is possible. It fills the space between Heaven and Earth. It is the state of change, the evolving interplay of Yin and Yang. Where Jing is the materialization of Heaven’s Will as it returns to the Tao through the contracting polarity of Yin, Qi is the ever-changing landscape of life as Polarity is torn asunder when Tao emerges in Time-Space. It is not the root nor is it the head, it is the relationship between the two, it is the Heart. It is both the origin and child of the 10,000 things. It is the substance of this moment as directed by the Yang expansion and the substance of Yin contraction. Since Yin contraction is the source nourishment of Yang expansion, those conscious in the Qi dimension are able to direct the flow of their lives. Though, still mortal and suffering from entropy due to the consumption of Qi from the external world, the unfolding of body and fate are now self determined. To transcend entropy and be self-sustaining one must cultivate power and master its expression.

She – Archery
She or Archery symbolizes the mastery of Qi projection. Archery teaches three principle lessons. The first is silent gratitude, which is to maintain an inner state of appreciation. This appreciation is not expressed through words but through action. It is the anchor that supports the successful fulfillment of the next two principles. Second, accuracy of the small has massive long term affects. If the archer is off by only a cun at the arrow head he will miss the target at 100 feet. Equally, a minor action today could cost or save a life tomorrow. Anchored by appreciation there is no desire and ones aim is true. Third, in order to advance one must retreat. It is in retreat that we gather to our root, accumulate our power and clarify our aim.

While Yu teaches us to focus the Zhi in order to root the Tan Tien into the Eternal Tao, She allows external use of this Power. She develops Yi, which is ‘Manifesting Intent’. Yi is the singularity of Mind-Spirit that elicits from infinite possibility a specific reality. Through practice She is the art of the conscious manifestation of ones Will. Yi directs the infinite unfolding of heaven according to the will of the eternal Tao within our inner universe.

Two characters & three meanings of She

Silent Gratitude - appreciation without words
Accuracy of the immediate small can have massive long term effects
In order to advance one must retreat

Body Cun
Cun or Body Inch

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