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WMI Acupuncture School Student Services

Semester Orientation

The institute sponsors a student orientation before the first day of classes. Each semester students receive an introduction and orientation to the program, facilities, administration, and student life. Student needs are discussed, expectations are addressed, and the groundwork for a successful semester/year is established. Members of the faculty and administrative staff are introduced, giving each an opportunity to present themselves to the student body and provide a brief summary of the respective courses.

The Clinic Director is available to all students for a one on one orientation. Students need to contact the Clinic Director by the beginning of each semester to schedule a meeting time. A list of semester requirements and competencies that will be attained during your semester level of clinical training is outlined and provided to students. 

Spiritual Cultivation and Counseling

The World Medicine Institute Temple provides an environment of healing and spiritual discipline. Students of the institute can visit the Temple and meditation room at any time to practice or study. Periodic healing ceremonies, conducted in the Temple by the Taoist Master, is another way students can gain knowledge of ancient Taoist heritage and spiritual cultivation.

The institute has created an environment in which it can fulfill its purpose of educating students in the arts and practices of ancient Chinese cultural arts and Taoist philosophy. The institute has a deep commitment to develop the maturity and spiritual qualities of students, which are essential to a true Taoist healer. The institute has found that many students enroll in the institute to improve their lives and resolve their own health issues. The institute considers the development and maturity of a practitioner's professional character to be important to his or her professional career.

Students often have conditions adversely affect their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Taoist philosophy provides an understanding and wisdom to students who seek to improve and fulfill a multi-dimensional educational experience. A combination of spiritual cultivation of Taoist Medicine and technical knowledge taught through the Herbal and Acupuncture Clinical Science program teaches students to be self-reliant and able to diagnose health problems, to practice the lessons and to apply this knowledge in the professional treatment of patients. However, if a problem becomes too great for a student to deal with, the Taoist Master is available for traditional Taoist counseling.

Student Academic Counseling

Student academic advising and counseling is available during registration week, at midterm evaluations, and again during the final week of the semester. Student progress, self-assessments, and evaluations are reviewed at this time. Private tutoring and review can be arranged for students with medical or family emergencies through the Registrar.

Student Activities

Lao Tse at Lung Hu ShanStudents are as special as the institute's ancient Taoist teachings. When the two develop a chemistry and bond, experience shows that wonderful things can happen. Because of this atmosphere, facilities, and equipment, the Temple hosts the majority of special student-related activities administered by the institute. Students regularly participate in moon festivals, Heavenly Master's Day celebrations, Chinese New Year celebrations, lantern parades, chanting rituals, meditation ceremonies, and numerous community events. These special activities become favorites as they provide student an arena in which to learn ancient methodologies and practices not taught in the United States. The institute believes these activities are important to enhance each student's ability to learn in a spontaneous and fun atmosphere.

Students also have opportunities to participate in retreats and spiritual trips, including outdoor learning seminars to gather and prepare herbs in the mountains and practicing the self-cultivation arts of Qigong and meditation. The Foundation offers trips to China for cultural tours and spiritual retreats at Lung Hu Shan (Sacred Site in China: Dragon-Tiger Mountain) to dedicated students to encourage student the study of traditional Chinese arts and Taoism.

Housing in Hawaii

Students may find housing in a variety of residential situations in the various mountains and valleys that make up the greater Honolulu area. To obtain rent ranges, prospective students can find information in Craigslist or the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Check listings under apartments or houses for rent.

The Directory of Health and Human Services Resources - State of Hawai'i is available for purchase through (808) 275-2000. It is a useful guide and tool to assist prospective students with information about living in Hawai'i.

Student Health Care

Student health care is provided through the institute's clinic. Students can be treated by student interns free of charge or by licensed acupuncturists at a 50% discount for all professional treatments and herbal prescriptions. It should be noted that the institute does not provide student health insurance.

Student Financial Aid

The institute is a participant in the Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFELP), which includes subsidized, unsubsidized, and parent loans for undergraduate students (PLUS). A student's ability to borrow is determined through the submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Federal processor; this Federal entity will calculate a student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which will then be used by the institute to determine the loan amount available to a student. The borrowing capability of a student is also affected by current outstanding Federal loans from previous institutes attended. FFELP loans are only available to U.S. citizens who are enrolled at least half time and are not in default of any previous federal loans. The choice of lender is entirely at the discretion of each student.

Student Counseling

Some students from the continental United States and other countries may have trouble adjusting to life in Hawai'i. They may miss families, have trouble finding a job, or feel isolated in such a new culture. In order to mitigate these and other circumstances, student orientation and counseling are used to help students adjust to the new environment. 

Besides academic and career counseling offered as part of the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program, appointments for personal and spiritual counseling may be made. When a student is slow to achieve a goal because of personal or medical problem, a lack of maturity, ability, sensitivity, or discipline, the administration takes an active role in supporting the growth of the individual. Key administrative members have extensive training and experience in the healing arts and are available for academic and personal counseling throughout the semester. Students have found the administration readily available to discuss problems or concerns. In addition, all instructors are available to discuss class work and help provide for the academic needs of students. When necessary, the Registrar will also arrange special tutoring for students upon request. 

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