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WMI Acupuncture School Campus



Diamond Head View

WMI's primary campus is located on the sacred grounds of the Tai Hsuan Temple in Aina Haina, a 15 minute drive from Waiki (pictured at right).  The temple is dedicated to providing education on Taoist culture and is proud to host classes on acupuncture and herbal medicine.  Home to our program, our Aina Haina campus also boasts herb and flower gardens that surround most of the temple's perimeter, providing rich hands-on experience on how to care for, trim, and dry medicinal herbs.  The picture above shows some of the plants, flowers, and herbs that welcome guests at the temple gate entrance.


WMI's central clinic is where our interns practice alongside the school's dedicated founder.  The facility is located between the University of Hawaii and Waikiki, just off the intersection of University Avenue and King Street.  Here, interns work learning to apply acupuncture and herbal medicine theory to more unique cases in a clinical setting.




Part of our campus is the island itself.  A strong component of the herbal medicine program includes fresh herb hikes where we learn how to identify, collect, and process fresh herbs.

















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