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Application Process:

We are now accepting admissions applications for our Fall 2017 Semester!

China Intensive - Clinic using IV Herbal Decoctions
China Intensive - Clinic using IV Herbal Decoctions

Master's of Acupuncture &
Master's of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

For personal inquiry regarding a degree program for you, please email us at admissions@wmi.edu
Please also prepare to submit the following:

  1. Admissions Form
  2. Resume
  3. Personal Essay on statement of purpose
  4. One passport-size photo
  5. Certificate of Tuberculosis Examination
  6. Record of measles, mumps, rubella immunizations (students born before 1957 are exempt)
  7. One letter of recommendation
  8. Non-refundable application fee of $50
  9. Official academic transcripts from each post-secondary school and institute previously attended (transcripts are for students and prospective student records and will not be returned or distributed to any other organization)
World Medicine Institute  Policy on Religious Exemptions from Immunization

Hawaii state law requires certain immunizations and tuberculosis clearance for attendance to all public schools.  There are no exemptions from tuberculosis clearance, which consists of a PPD skin tests and, if necessary, chest X-ray.

A religious exemption shall be granted to a student whose parent, custodian, guardian, or other person in loco parentis certifies that the person’s religious beliefs prohibit the practice of immunization.  Requests for religious exemptions based on objections to specific immunizing agents will not be granted.  Students who have reached the age of majority shall apply on their own behalf.  If at any time, the Director of Health determines that there is the danger or presence of an outbreak or epidemic from any of the communicable diseases for which immunization is required under this chapter, the exemption from immunization against such disease shall not be recognized and inadequately immunized students shall be excluded from school until the Director of Health has determined that the presence or danger of the outbreak or epidemic no longer exists.  (Hawaii Revised Statutes §§302A-1157)

Please mail all application materials to us at: 

World Medicine Institute
PO Box 11130
Honolulu, Hawaii 96828-0130

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