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Treatment and Needling Technique


This class provides the bridge between theoretical class presentations and practical application in the Clinical Training and Internship Program. Its focus is on the theoretical and practical rationale for treatment of presenting and underlying symptoms. The various treatment options, their technical aspects and the relative efficacy of each are discussed. If needed, Western diagnostic and therapeutic considerations are also considered. In this manner, students are given a framework in which they can learn how Chinese medical theory is actually applied in practice. Current clinic cases may be reviewed in detail.


This course is designed to train students in:
  • Integration of TCM, Taoist Medicine, Herbal Medicine, and Biomedical concepts in treatment plans
  • Accurate diagnosis and formulation of treatment strategy based on the diagnosis
  • Acupuncture, Point Location, and Channel Theory
  • Location Systems: Anatomically, Proportionally, by Palpation, the Anatomical Chinese Inch
  • All Points of the Twelve Bilateral Channels and the Conception and Governing Vessels
  • Forbidden Points, Contraindications of Points
  • Classification, Functions and Indications of Acupuncture Points, Extra Acupuncture Points
  • Other Categories and Types of Acupuncture Points (E.G. Auricular, Scalp Points, Hand Points)
  • Special Groupings of Acupuncture Points (E.G. Transport Points, Tender Points, Local And Distal Points, Associated Effect and Alarm Points, Windows of the Sky, Internal and External Dragons, Seas and Oceans, Thirteen Ghost Points), and other Recognized Point Combinations Traditions of Acupuncture; Respect for Different Traditions of Evaluating and Diagnosing and Influencing and Correcting the Balance of Chi
  • Treatment Techniques, Protocols, Procedures
  • Clean Needle Technique: Needle Insertion, Depth, Duration, Manipulation, and Withdrawal
  • Moxa: Application, Direct & Indirect
  • Other Techniques: Cupping, Gua Sha, Seven Star
  • Tonification and Sedation Methods
  • Knowledge of Methods and Application of Treatment of Acute and Chronic Conditions, First Aid, Anesthesia, Electrical Stimulation, and Safety Issues
  • Chi Kung and Oriental Bodywork Therapy


Through this course students will acquire professional competency in:
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Acupuncture Skills, Point Location and Channel Theory
  • Determining Effective Treatment Strategy Based on Diagnosis Formulated
  • Assessment of Effectiveness of Treatment Strategy and its Execution


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