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Taoist Medicine

This class provides an introduction to the outstanding achievements and contribution of the Six Taoist Arts to Chinese Medicine. Knowledge, integration and discipline in the tradition of the Taoist healing arts provide students with a spiritual approach to healing. The Six Taoist Arts are:
LI Ritual Reverent observance of laws of the universe and of Heaven & Earth
YUEH Music Healing harmonies, frequencies, rhythm, and tone
SHE Archery Power of focus, concentration when storing, and releasing energy
YU Charioteering Ability to harness, discipline, control, and direct energy
SHU Writing The discipline and cultivation of refinement, focus, and clarity
SHOU Mathematics Mystical calculations and divination that influence, interpret, and predict


This course is dedicated to train students in:
  • Healing Energy Systems of Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit: Knowledge and cultivation of the Energy Systems through which the life force Chi expresses and manifests in a person’s health. The Chi of these centers must flourish for the person to experience health and well being.
  • Grasping Life’s Imperishable Wealth and Secret”: With Information to subdue fear and ignorance in our patients; we create an Understanding of the relationship of this information to health and well being; we teach Applications to make this information and understanding useful, creating living Knowledge. Through the application of this knowledge, we accumulate experience and achieve a living Wisdom and Mastery.
  • "Three Imperishable Treasures in Life
  • Achievement: Measure of what you’ve completed, mastered, and accomplished in life
  • Virtue: Measure of the value and positive difference you’ve made in other’s lives
  • Four Measures of Taoist Diagnosis”: Taoist methods of measurement and interpretation.
  • Phrenology: The outer “visible” design of a person
  • Palmistry: The inner “hidden” design of a person
  • Astrology: The “inherited & bestowed” map of a person’s life
  • Feng Shui: The “harmony & balance” with your environment
  • Chi Kung - The Art of Mastering the Unseen Life Force is the ancient Taoist art of breath/energy control. Through its unique discipline of body, mind, and spirit, it promotes the most profound health benefits. Through its practice, students develop a heightened awareness of both their own and their patient's Chi, or inner life force. These benefits gained from Chi Kung practice have kept this art alive for over four thousand years. A great deal of research is being done regarding the effects of Chi Kung on such chronic ailments as cancer, asthma, and arthritis. Students are taught Chi Kung forms and techniques at the WMI throughout their entire tenure to encourage them to reach their highest potential.
  • Aliveness of Healing Chi: Chi possesses a special, unique quality; it is alive. In Taoist Medicine, we first learn to recognize and then to develop the quality of aliveness of our Chi through our Chi Kung practice. Chi Kung is the art, science, and discipline of cultivating the Aliveness of Chi. When the qualities of aliveness cannot flourish, disease will manifest and flourish.
  • The unique qualities of Aliveness of Healing Chi:
  • Resiliency: Ability to adapt; recover; endure; perpetuate
  • Intelligence: Ability to learn; grow; acquire; apply
  • Fulfillment: Ability to nourish; satisfy; accomplish; possess meaning, value & virtue
  • Rebirth: Ability to renew; transform; regenerate
    • Experiencing the Aliveness of Healing Chi: In Taoist Medicine we learn how to introduce ourselves, experience, and befriend our Chi. Introduction is the recognition of sensations of warmth, pressure, vibration, electrical, magnetic, and feeling flow. Chi is beginning to communicate with us. In silence, stillness, and emptiness (void), we begin to experience a mysterious manifestation; Chi is formed and becomes alive. Through our discipline and practice it becomes great. Learn to accept and trust your experience of Chi; open to your personal experience, letting your Chi become your best friend to assist and guide you in life. As your communication, trust, and friendship with Chi grows, your experience of the energy becomes natural; ever present; and flowing like the wind, like the ocean tides, currents, waves, or the phases of the moon. Chi energy skills and abilities will naturally develop with guidance and practice and can be transmitted through the hands, acupuncture needle, and herbs to your patient.
    • Cultivating and Developing the Aliveness of Healing Chi: Through consistent, correct practice you will develop an extrasensory insight into the diagnosis, healing, and health of a patient. Each sense becomes empowered with the ability of all senses and healing becomes an art and skill in accordance with Nature and the principles of the Universe. This is one of the treasures of Taoist Medicine and Chi Kung. For example, your touch can be developed to have the special ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and communicate. Hearing and smell can be detected from miles away. Thoughts and taste sensations can heal.


Through this course students will acquire professional competency in:
  • Knowledge and cultivation of healing energy systems of body, heart, mind, spirit
  • Healing through touch and movement
  • Healing without medicine
  • Achieving spirituality and understanding to lift people’s spirit providing support and comfort for the sick, elderly and youth


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