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Kapoho Intensive

OVERVIEW: The Kapoho intensive is a unique opportunity for students to delve deeper into traditional practices not included in most texts.  Students study and lodge at WMI's Kapoho facility on Hawai'i for 7 days at the end of the summer semester.  The week of classes involves didactic and hands-on studies, with instructor demonstrations and student applications of techniques encompassing the entirety of Chinese medicine.  Near the end of the trip, matriculating students are also celebrated and honored in a graduation ceremony at the facility.

 ** Only registered students currently enrolled in class are allowed to stay at Kapoho and participate in the Kapoho Intensive program. **

KAPOHO INTENSIVE July 29 – August 5, 2017
Kapoho Arrival Schedule:

Saturday July 29, 2017

Morning Hilo Farmers Market with your group

1:00 pm Orientation at WMI Property 

4:00 pm Opening Lecture 

5:30 pm Dinner

Kapoho Daily Schedule

























July 31 –

August 6*













*Friday, August 5 will include a graduation ceremony for our matriculating students.

All of the above classes include didactic instruction on the philosophy, theory, diagnosis, history, strategies, therapeutics, and processing of the respective materials.  Classes will include demonstrations from the instructors as well as application of the material by students.  

Final Day
Saturday August 5, 2017 
7:00 am – 12:00 pm pack  
12:00 pm  Depart


FEE: The cost of the yearly Kapoho Retreat is $350.00. The cost includes meals, and room and board at the Kapoho WMI facility. If you have student financial aid, the cost has already been deducted. Otherwise the deadline to pay is July 14, 2017.
* The cost does not include airfare or transportation to and from Kapoho WMI facility. Please group with other students to rent a car for transportation and sightseeing.

FLIGHT: Please ensure your flight gets in by 12 noon Saturday July 30th. Orientation will begin at 1:00 pm. If you would like to make it to Hilo Market, please schedule your flight accordingly.

  • Notebook, pens, acupuncture and herbal medicine textbooks
  • Clean needle kit including sharps container for disposal of needles
  • Pots to cook herbal preparations and individual containers for the foot soak
  • Chants
  • All students will wear their WMI School uniform for all class instruction (Black WMI shirt and black pants)
  • Mat, sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, personal bowls and utensils. If you want to experience a real outdoor experience, and do not want to sleep in our new facility or bagua house, you are welcome to bring a tent for camping. There are some blow-up mattresses there, but bring sleeping bags just in case.
  • Each group must bring pot, cooking utensils, etc. for preparing their meal for the class.
  • Bring hiking shoes, water shoes for wading, rain gear, sun protection, swimsuit, snorkeling equipment, flashlight, and warm clothes.
Form a cooking group of 3-4 people.  Try to include students from various levels.  Students will need to sign up for one day to cook (1st come, 1st serve basis).  On this day their group will prepare lunch and dinner for everyone.  Groups will be notified of allergies in advance to make sure they prepare a healthy, safe menu for all.  Also, please save your receipts or make note of how much you spend at the market so you can be reimbursed!


Regular and prompt attendance at class and clinic sessions is expected for all courses in which a student enrolls. Students with less than 70% class attendance may receive an “F” for the course at the discretion of the WMI Steering Committee. Tardiness longer than 15 minutes will be considered an absence. An absence may be deemed to be an “excused absence”, and thus not held against a student, at the sole discretion of the WMI Steering Committee. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange to make up any missed coursework, academic hours, quizzes, and exams.

WMI does not issue Incompletes for coursework or course grades, except in cases of medical emergencies, family emergencies and/or at the sole discretion of the Registrar. All coursework is required to be submitted by the last day of class, except in the case of an agreed Incomplete when the uncompleted portion of the semester’s work is required to be submitted by the end of the following semester. A student who is unable to comply with this policy will receive a grade of “F” for the course and will be required to retake the course for a letter grade and course credit.

Kapoho Property / Classroom:





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